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From just selling to retailers mainly in Europe and the US, BLP has stepped in the past 3 years into the Hospitality furniture business, outfitting restaurants/cafes, offices and Hotels in and around the booming Asian economy.

Although hoteliers typically keep tight control of their expenditure on properties, regular refurbishment is a necessity to maintain customer loyalty, room rates and market share. Guest room refurbishment schemes fit into two broad categories, depending on the extent of work – refreshment, and remodelling/rebranding.

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Testing and QC

One of BLP's proudest boasts is that we have 5 times more QC staff than sales staff. Our business is built not just on orders, but re-orders - customers returning to place orders time and time again. Our constant attention to testing and QC ensures that customers placing their orders know that the goods will arrive when they are supposed to, in a specification commensurate with the destination market, having been produced in a factory and from materials, both of which are ethically sound and sustainable.



~ Creative, Commercial and Competitive ~
Now everyone can afford designer furniture!