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BOLTZERO™ is a unique assembly system which eliminates the need for bolts and screws in flat packed furniture, primarily and initially bunk beds.

The BOLTZERO™ assembly system allows a customer to cut down the assembly time for a bunk bed from over 2 hours to less than 10 minutes. The general rule is that the longer an item takes to assemble and the more complicated it is to assemble, the greater the likelihood of that product being returned to the vendor. Since distance selling laws in Europe and the US require the vendor to pay carriage for this return, by saving assembly time and thus reducing the risk of return of goods. Automatically this presents a saving to the vendor and a more positive retail experience for the customer.

We have extended our bunks range to mid-sleepers, Futon Bunks, and Study Bunks.

With the success of the BOLTZERO™ Bunk Bed, we have patents and a trademark already registered for BOLTZERO™.

At the same time, more BOLTZERO™ products will be developed, including a sofa set. BLP will also look at the possibility of increasing loadings with compressed and shrink-wrap products.



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